Personal Training Administration

Personal Training Faculty

Educational Background:
BA in Business Administration, NASM-CPT, PES, CES & MMACS; AIS, MAT- Jump Start

Life Time Academy Vision Statement:
To develop best-in-class professionals, through an innovative and unparalleled educational experience, that inspire clients and employers to achieve a healthy way of life.

About the Instructor:
Billy is a life-long learner with a passion to empower each LT Academy student to explore their capacity and live into their full potential in the fitness industry. Billy believes that each student has the potential to be self-generating and self-educating as an individual in the educational process.

Billy brings 13 years of experience as a master personal trainer and fitness manager. In addition, Billy owns and operates a life coaching business in the Twin Cities area: Centered Presence Coaching and Consulting. In his life coaching practice, Billy specializes in helping his clients to explore questions of life purpose and personal transformation by working "through" the body as the primary vehicle for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual change.

Currently, Billy serves as a teaching assistant to Aaron Mattes (creator of Active Isolated Stretching). Billy's specialties in personal training include Corrective Exercise, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning, and Somatic Life Coaching. His certification and education include a BA in Business Administration (Augsburg College), National Academy of Sports Medicine: CPT, PES, CES, and MMA Conditioning Specialist, Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method, Muscle Activation Techniques- J.S., International Sports and Conditioning Association, National Institute of Heath Science, and the Strozzi Institute.

Billy's personal recreation and fitness includes the study of Aikido (Japanese martial art) and Sea Kayaking.