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National Academy of Sports Medicine Mixed Martial Arts Certification

Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Training

MMA Instructor Leading Class

MMA Conditioning Specialist Overview

The emphasis of MMA conditioning specialist is a quality educational experience that prepares graduates to succeed in this respective specialty, whether new to the industry or expanding their skills. The needs of mixed martial artists are specific to their sport.

This program combines the uniqueness and innovation of mixed martial arts with the scientific rationale and key principles of human movement science and NASM’s Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model into a progressive system.

Training programs are typically divided into two components:

  • MMA skills
  • Strength and conditioning

This Program does not address in detail the techniques or skills required to become a master of martial arts or combat sports. This program will, however, address the other side of mixed martial arts training and provide the participant with the strength, conditioning, basic techniques and overall performance elements that a MMA competitor needs to train and compete at the highest level possible.

Topics covered in the MMA Conditioning Specialist Certificate 60-hour program meet or exceed all the required standards set forth by the National Academy of Sports Medicine to achieve certification as well as the practical skills to lead a best-in-class mixed martial arts training experience.

With an 8-week curriculum, totaling 60 contact hours, the instructor-led coursework consists of approximately 20 hours of online study (reading, videos, activities, assignments and quizzes), 16 hours of in-club lab class time and 4 hours of practicum.

Career Support

The Professional Fitness Specialist - MMA Conditioning Specialist Program equips students with the knowledge to function as a professional member of the fitness instruction industry, and work at fitness studios, health clubs and private businesses. Life Time Academy includes career support including an interview with Life Time Human Resources (approximately 70% of graduates are hired by Life Time Fitness).

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Learn more about our MMA Conditioning Specialist Program.

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"LT Academy is an exciting opportunity because it makes learning the information necessary to be a competent trainer easy & enjoyable."

LTA Student, 2013

"I knew that going through LTA, I would be educated in a method and philosophy I really believed in and had experienced firsthand."

LTA Studnet, 2013


Check for dates and instructions on the school calendar.  Applications being accepted now!

Learn more about our MMA Conditioning Specialist Program.

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Course offerings vary by location. Select your location to view the available Programs & Classes:

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I would like to see the facilities and visit the school, what are my options?

Our campus locations and addresses can be found on the website, in addition to upcoming Open House dates that allow you to visit the campus, meet instructors and learn a bit more about the school and the curriculum.

How do the classes work? What are the time requirements?

Life Time Academy's programs consist of three components - Instructor-led online courses, in-class labs, and an externship.

  1. Online courses — students take three online courses over an eight week period. Most students are dedicating 6 to 8 hours per week to their online studies. Prior to starting classes, students are required to attend an online orientation so they know how to utilize all the resources on our website.
  2. In-class labs — students are required to attend one 2-hour lab per week.

What is the MMA Certification Schedule?

In-club class labs during an 8-week term (16 hours).

  • Primary Lab Class - Saturday 1-3PM (instructor office hour 3-4PM)
  • Secondary- Thursday (TBD)
  • *1 Lab class time ONLY, if 7 students or less

What is tuition? What does it cover?

ItemMMA Conditioning
(Not Certified)
MMA Conditioning
(*CPT Certified)
MMA Conditioning
(LT Academy Certified)
Contact Hours 60 40 40
Credit Hours 6 4 4
Tuition $975 $650 $650
Application Fee $25 $25 $25
Total Tuition $1,000 $675 $675
Test Fee - $50 -
Supplies $35 $35 $35
Activity/Lab Fees $52 $52 $52
Total Program Cost $1087 $812 $762

Do you offer scholarships?

Life Time Academy offers members scholarship. Inquire for details.

Do you offer job placement?

Life Time Academy does not guarantee employment upon completion of the program. However, 100% of all graduating students will receive an interview.

If your desired outcome is to work for Life Time Fitness, top performing students have a great opportunity to be employed and the majority of our students do receive job offers.