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/s/GroupFitness_Icon.jpg?v=3Group Fitness Instructor Certification

The Group Fitness Instructor Course provides a quality educational experience that prepares graduates to succeed in the area of group fitness instruction, whether they are new to the industry or expanding their skills.

Course Includes: 
  • 8-week course
  • Instructor-led course consists of approximately 30 hours of online study (reading, videos, activities, assignments and quizzes).
  • 10 hours of in-club class time.
  • Two hours of practicum.

/s/GroupFitness_Icon.jpg?v=3Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

The Indoor Cycling Instructor Course is designed to develop your foundational skills and abilities to reach and engaging and motivating class. The course begins by demonstrating cycling basics such as bike set-up and how it impacts the effectiveness of the class experience. Additionally, you will be exposed to the art and science of delivering a great cycle class through the practical steps of developing a class plan.

  • 8-week course
  • Instructor-led course consists of approximately 10 hours of online study (reading, videos, activities, assignments and quizzes).
  • 10 hours of in-club class time.

Career Support!

These courses equip students with the knowledge to function as a professional member of the fitness instruction industry, and work at fitness studios, health clubs and private businesses.

Life Time Academy includes career support including an interview with Life Time Human Resources (approximately 70% of graduates are hired by Life Time Fitness).

Learn more about our Group Fitness Course.

Course Guide

Learn more about our Indoor Cycling Instructor Course.

Course Guide



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Why choose Life Time Academy?

Life Time Academy combines the best of both worlds. The weekly flexibility of online coursework, combined with live, hands-on learning labs to apply and enhance your knowledge and skills. Life Time Academy not only wants to prepare to certify you, but we also want to build your confidence that you can successful in the field.


Experiential, hands-on learning is a part of every class.

Industry recognized certifications with a science-based curriculum

Courses are instructor led

Professional Faculty

Employment opportunities

Top performing students are guaranteed an interview with Life Time Fitness.

*Employment of fitness trainers and instructors is expected to grow by 24% from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. (BLS 2014)

Life Time Academy is a state-licensed, vocational education institution.

What knowledge and skills will I gain?

Nationally recognized certification

Ability to Apply knowledge in a real-world environment

Communication skills

Customer service skills

How is the program structured?

The program is structured with two components - Instructor-led online courses, in-class weekly labs.

Online courses — students take 2 online courses over an 8-week period. Most students are dedicating 6-8 hours per week to their online studies. Prior to starting classes, students are required to attend an online orientation so they know how to utilize all the resources and familiarize themselves with the online learning platform.

In-class labs — students are required to attend all 2-hour lab modules.

What are the time requirements?

8-10 hours of study and application per week. Time management is important. Life Time Academy is sensitive to the fact that most students are working in addition to going to school. However, we also want to prepare you as quickly as possible to be ready to move into a new career.

When do labs typically meet?

Lab times are typically Thursday from 6-8 PM*, with an instructor office hour typically following for additional Q&A. If the student cohort is large enough, 8+ students, a secondary lab time may be offered typically on Saturday from 12-2 PM*. You will meet weekly during each 8-week term.

*Summer hours may vary, please contact Admissions for more details.

Will I learn a specific class format?

Students will learn the fundamentals skills and exercise science necessary to teach ANY group class format. Students will develop, under the guidance of their instructor, a sample class of their choice and interest to deliver during the last weeks of the program. However, having a group fitness instructor certificate versus only a specialty makes a student considerably more marketable and gives them more options. Upon successful completion of this program, you can then develop your expertise in cycle, strength, cardio, or athletic conditioning formats, based on the needs and/or requirements of the organization you wish to work for.

I have never taken an online course before, what should I do?

Prior to starting classes, students are required to attend an online orientation so they know how to utilize the e-learning platform.

I would like to see the facilities and visit the school, what are my options?

Our campus locations and addresses can be found on the website, in addition to information sessions that allow you to visit the campus, meet instructors and learn a bit more about the school and the curriculum.

Will I have access to the Life Time Fitness facility outside of class time?

Yes! Another advantage of being a student with Life Time Academy is you are granted a student membership during the time of your program. If you are currently a member of Life Time Fitness you will also be granted a student membership. We encourage students to utilize the facilities and services.

What is tuition?

Program Tuition is $875. Total program cost is approx. $1,253. Program costs include required application, supplies, activity, exam & lab fees, as well as books. Tuition and fees are subject to change. Actual costs will be provided once a student applies.

What are my options for paying tuition?

Students can pay tuition on a monthly basis or all at once. Monthly payments are interest free and will be calculated at time of enrollment. Tuition is divided over the length of the program, and is roughly $590/month.

You can also pay in full, and payment is due two weeks prior to start date.

Are Scholarships available?

Yes. At this time, we have a scholarship option available that is offered through the school for qualifying students. Official rules and guidelines are available once a student has applied.

The Healthy Way of Life Scholarship is an essay-based scholarship created by Life Time Academy to provide incoming students an opportunity to showcase and celebrate their passions and interests surrounding a healthy way of life.

Scholarship amount available is up to approximately 10% of tuition fees.

Do you offer or accept federal financial aid?

Unfortunately, students are not able to use Federal Financial aid for tuition at this time.

Can Military students use the Post 9/11 GI Bill?

No, Life Time Academy cannot accept the GI Bill for tuition. However, we are approved as a vendor for vocational rehabilitation benefits through the VA.

Do you offer job placement?

If your desired outcome is to work for Life Time Fitness, top performing students have a great opportunity to be employed and the majority of our students do receive job offers. 100% of the graduating students receive an interview with Life Time Fitness. Life Time Academy does not guarantee employment.